Mr. Sultanali P. Molu, who started in the logistics, clearing and forwarding sector as a "warehousing and forwarding manager", has been in this business for over 40 years and is now chairman of the SAFI group. Since establishing himself in the clearing and forwarding sector, he has branched out to other fields such as property investment, development and management as well as starting a transport sector in Kenya.

When Sea Air Forwarders Int. Ltd. (SAFIKE) opened its doors in 1978, their first consignment of coffee was imported from Rwanda to Mombasa via air. Over time with the improvement of the road network in East Africa, SAFIKE could reach Rwanda through Uganda. As a result new doors were opened for us in Uganda and slowly SAFI Uganda Limited (SAFIUG) was established in 1995.

In, 2003, with the exponential growth in importation in and through Tanzania, which was aided partly be the congestion of the Mombasa port, SAFI decided that it was the perfect opportunity to establish itself in Tanzania. As a result, Sea Air Forwarders International (T) Limited (SAFITZ) was incorporated.

Since then SAFITZ has endeavoured to provide efficient and exceptional services allowing the company to flourish is this highly competitive business sector in Tanzania.

Sea Air Forwarders International (T) Limited. 2013