Importation of Air Cargo

All internationally airbound cargo is mostly handled by Swissport Tanzania Limited except for Precision Air Limited which recently acheived independant handling status.

Due to the nature of air freight and its urgency, the procedures for clearing are slightly different. Impoters are still reccomended to plan their impors by air in such a manner that they would get their documents (atleast copies if originals are being sent with cargo) to the Clearing and Forwarding Agent (CFA) to start the necessary procedures with Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

The procedure for clearing such cargo is as follows (assuming no documentation copies were available pre-emptively):

1) Arrival of cargo at airport. Manifestation of the same and hand over of the original documents to the CFA.

2) CFA submits the same to TRA with C41 form and authorisation letter. Documents are verified and a Pre-assessed Pre-arrival Decleration (P-Pad) is issued for importer's approval.

3) Upon approval TRA issues an Assessed Pre-arrival Decleration (A-Pad) which has to be approved once again by the importer.

4) Once the A-Pad is approved, CFA then has to apply and issue an assessment. Note: TRA only considers part of the declared freight as taxable due to the nature of this type of importation.

5) The Duties & VAT amount shown in the assessment can be paid by a Bank Transfer (TT), Banker's Cheque (BC) or by cash at a Bank branch at the airport in which TRA hold an account for such payments.

6) Once the necessary receipts have been issued the CFA then follows through with customs at the airport to verify the cargo (if necessary) and/or obtain a Release Order (R/O) so as to process removal of the cargo with Swissport.

7) Once Swissport charges are paid, the CFA has process these documents at each checkpoint until they leave the airport after which the consignment is delivered.

Sea Air Forwarders International (T) Limited. 2013